Hello and Welcome to the Two Year Old Room!

Dear Parents:

Welcome to our Two Year Old Classroom! We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your child.

Each day the children will be involved in various activities such as art, story time, songs, singing the alphabet, learning about different animals and working on their verbal and social skills. An important social skill we plan on emphasizing is sharing and interacting with other children.  The children will also be experiencing different finger plays, nursery rhymes, and flannel board stories.  In addition, we would like to emphasize that we focus on the process, not the product.

Lunch will be served with juice or milk. If your child does not like the lunch item for the day please let us know so that we can substitute it with a jelly sandwich, a cheese sandwich, or yogurt. Snacks are given once during the morning hours and the again in the afternoon. The drinks will be served in a little plastic cup.  We will be encouraging the children to use two hands while they are drinking. If you want to bring a sippy cup for the mornings you may do so, however we will continue to encourage the children to use a cup.

At nap time, we will be using cots and rubbing the children’s backs in order to soothe them to sleep. Please bring in a crib sheet, blanket, and any other item that will make your child more comfortable such as a pillow or stuffed animal.

At this time you may begin to start thinking about potty training. In our two year old class we expect some children to be interested in trying the potty; therefore we intend to work with them as their interest grows.

At the end of each day every child will be sent home with a Daily Report which lets you know how your child’s day was. If you have any other questions about the program please feel free to speak with us.

Thank you,

Two Year Old Staff