Hello and Welcome to the Three Year Old Room!

Dear Parents,

Everyday the children will have the opportunity to explore and experience a variety of  fun and stimulating activities which will encourage the children to learn and grow. Our pre-school program is based on monthly themes. All of our daily lessons, art projects, stories and activities will be revolving around the monthly theme. The children will be involved in art, science, music, social studies, early writing skills, numbers and shapes.

We will also be incorporating show and share into our circle time on Friday mornings. Each child will bring in something from home that they would like to tell their friends about. It could be a photo, toy, or an experience that they may want to share with our class.

When weather permits the children will be going outdoors. The children will have outdoor experiences that will develop their muscles, encourage social interaction and sensory stimulation.

Throughout this packet you will find our daily schedule, curriculum guide, a copy of our daily sheet and Summerfield Polices.

If your child does not like the lunch that is being served for the day, two alternative choices will be available. Either peanut butter and jelly or a cheese sandwich will be provided.

If you have any questions about our program, please speak to any staff member in our room. We are looking forward to meeting you and your child.

Thank you,

The Three Year Old Staff