Pre-K Educational Curriculum and Standards


Gather and interpret information from children’s books, charts, and graphs.

Present information clearly in a variety of oral and written forms.

Beginning skills of chronological order, cause and effect, and similarity and difference.

Use details to explain or clarify information.

Read a variety of literature of different genres: picture books, poems, articles and stories from children’s magazines, songs, and media productions.

Present personal responses to literature. Make references to the characters and ideas.

Create their own stories and songs.

Form opinions about a variety of literary and informational texts.

Express opinions about books, issues, and experiences.

Present arguments for certain views or actions with reference to specific criteria that support the argument (i.e.: an argument to purchase a particular piece of playground equipment might be based on the criteria of safety, appeal to children, durability, and low cost).

Listen attentively and recognize when it is appropriate to speak.

Take turns speaking and respond to other’s ideas in conversations and familiar topics.

Recognize and write first and last name (not mandatory)

Alphabet A – Z upper and lower case.

Ability to sound out the letters.



Good manners

Taking care of personal belongings

Participating in group activities

Express self with art

Know their birthday

Recognize sounds

Recognize shapes

Recognize colors

Recognize numerals 1 – 25

Control of a pencil or crayon

Control scissors

Spatial relations


behind/in front of