Hello and Welcome to the Nursery Program!

Dear Parents,

Throughout the school year our class will be learning through literature and hands on lessons. Included in this packet is a curriculum that will guide you from month to month as to what subject is being taught.

In addition to our monthly topics, the following subjects will be taught:

Colors will be reviewed as well as introducing shades of color. The numbers 0-25 will be worked on in regards to: counting, writing, recognizing sets, more / less, time, etc.

Basic shapes will be reviewed as well as discussing new shapes such as the: hexagon, octagon, and pentagon. The children will practice recognizing them as well as drawing them.

The children will be practicing their upper and lower case letters. They will begin to recognize words that start with each specific letter and words that start with each specific letter. Cutting and writing will be a part of our daily routine. Homework will be handed out bi-weekly. It is the child’s responsibility to hand in their assignments to the teacher.

Your child will be evaluated three times throughout the year. After each evaluation period we will be conducting parent teacher conferences (one of which is mandatory). Parental involvement is encouraged. Our program is designed to fully prepare your child for their Kindergarten experience.

Thank you,

The Nursery Staff