Welcome to the Infant Room!

Hello Parents,

Let me introduce you to our Sound Start Program.

The Sound Start Program is very different from all the other programs here at Summerfield. In the Sound Start Program, the activities of the day revolve around each child’s individual schedule, not a class schedule. The Infants basics needs include feeding, burping, changing diapers, and comforting. Comforting may be as simple as a hug or as complicated as finding just the right toy to teeth on.

Babies are given lots of love and attention. We play all the parent and baby games such as peek-a-boo, clap hands, so big, this little pig, and many more. We sing songs and dance to music. We introduce the little ones to a variety of music.

Gross motor skills are important in a baby’s life; therefore time is spent working with the babies. We encourage them to sit, stand, crawl, reach, and roll over. Toys are clean, fun, and age-appropriate.

The staff is loving and caring. Life is busy and active. Visiting your child is always welcome. Before your child starts in our program it is a good idea to visit us a few times. Parents should stay in the room during visits, observing the classroom activities, asking questions, and telling the staff about their child. This will help the staff get to know you, and your child will began to feel comfortable with us. You may even leave for a few minutes to put your feet up.

When dropping off your child in the morning, please let the staff know of anything unusual that may have happened the night before, ie., lack of sleep, cough, not eating, eating extra, anything you feel is important. Some parents like to write us notes, this is a good idea.

Remember the staff is here for you and your child. You are both important to us! If there is any more information that you need to know not covered in this letter please ask us.